I Guess That I Am a Photographer Now

In fact I am sort of working in the way that a lot of photographers do. I am just freelancing in large part until I get my own studio. A friend of mine is helping me to find work and also making it look like I work for him so that the payroll tax does not kill me. At any rate this week I got a big job taking pictures of the best las vegas escorts. Now I did not know much of anything about this, but they apparently liked some similar work that I had done and the fact that I am not charging as much as some established people might charge you for the same work. At any rate it was sort of a surprise to me to find out how good looking all of these girls are. In fact the only people I ever saw in this line of work sort of scare me if you know what I mean. They look unhealthy because I assume they are doing things that are not healthy and you would think it might not be safe to do that sort of business with some girls.

At any rate these girls must have been really expensive from the looks of them. One of them seemed to have an unusual interest in me. I was really wondering if she was flirting with me, but it turned out that she wanted to look at my portfolio. When she did she decided that I was good enough and started to talk about what I would charge her for the job she wanted to get done. I did most of what she wanted done in three days, it involved her and three other girls whom she was apparently paying to perform on her web page.