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July 14, 2019


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How to Handle a Car Accident

There are many car accidents happening all the time. They are what lead to a large chunk of the injury-related deaths out there. This is the scenario in huge cities. In case you are involved in one, you need to take certain measures to ensure you get compensated for the damages.
The first thing to do is to check for injuries. As much as you could panic, it is advisable to keep calm. You need to not move the car, and turn on the hazard lights. You should then call in emergency response services. Tell them the location and the number of injured people. Talk also to the other driver. You need to exchange certain info like insurance info, driver’s license info, car registration, name, address, license plate number, and such. You need to also be attended to at the scene by the medics, to register that you were injured. You do not want to risk it with any delays.
You should save plenty of photos of the scene. These are part of the evidence needed to build up your case. Do your best to get as many as possible. Take also from the car info such as its speed, steering, and engine info at the time of the accident.
You will be emotional in an accident. Try your best not to lose your cool. You, for instance, should not admit liability, or say anything that could be used against you, such as saying you are fine, and that you are not injured. Adrenaline may prevent you from feeling how hurt you really are.
It is important to also reach out to your insurance company. There is a limit to the time you are allowed to report a car accident to the insurance company. They shall send an adjuster to examine the vehicle and settle the case. You need a personal injury attorney present when dealing with the adjuster.
It is important that your personal injury attorney hears of this. You need to reach out to them as the first people you are calling. They shall take over on your behalf, to ensure first of all that all evidence is preserved and treated with respect. They also know how to deal with the insurance companies, medical providers, and the law enforcement officers. You will need that time to go to hospital and receive appropriate treatment. You cannot at the same time handle all those duties.
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