When Should You Do Better? A Troll Experience

Have you ever heard of the famous quote, “Do the best you can until you know better… Then when you know better- do better.”

You may or may not have guessed that this quote was made by Dr. Maya Angelou. I found this quote to ring loud and clear and true to life. I try every attempt to stay professional and politically correct, but with social media and technology making swift changes to communication and information platforms it puts many of us in a hard to resist, temptation-moment. I found myself answering to trolls who had nothing to lose and in their selfish mind, all to gain. Not giving a hoot about you- other than to seek and destroy.

I learned and must recoup from being known as strictly professional to having to “check” a troll who bashed my professionalism because I responded back to her (she says she got angry because I responded back to her) She did not know me but had an ulterior motive to seek and destroy reputations and anything else that lied in her way. Saying one thing back or in many cases defending honor could quickly turn south. Which is exactly what the trolls want to happen. My professionalism was bashed while my book was not, it was later corrected to bash it. The other “professional” and her trolls lied, threatened, cuss, used sex figurines in their posts and comments, talked negatively about hate of gender and sexuality (not mines, but that’s what trolls do), race, and anything else they wanted to rant about. Trolls stick together and attempt to dox; a term deemed for the actions and behaviors of a scorned internet troll.

How can this affect your professional reputation? How does this affect your ability to apply for positions in the future? It may or may not. Trolls believe that they are untouchable while trying to hurt your chances of succeeding at anything. That being said, they don’t care what they destroy as long as the attempt is made.

This is what I’ve learned- Trolls are not worth it, even if they are making things up and have grave intent to take you down. They are really smart when it comes to writing their next consensus actions in posts and comments, too. Protect yourself on the internet and stay professional. Remember, that trolls sounding off, hide their identity and they will use anonymous accounts and avatars to stay alive on social media platforms. They have nothing to lose which is why they attack so viciously. They have learned to protect their assets going in. So, to say the least, once you have learned from experience and from the warning of others; the consequences, you then know better. And, when you know better, you do better.

Protect your online presence; your professional and personal’s character and assets, as well as, focus on keeping it clean as much as you can. I have learned this and I am coming back stronger and wiser. A friend who helps to run his family’s business for the past 20 plus years, and whom also was a customer of my resume services because he wanted to venture out on his own said to me, “Lenora that’s just one person. What do you care?, I cannot believe that you let one person and a gang of trolls, out of billions of people- alter your main goal.” This bit of advice came from a seasoned businessman.

After knowing better, I have already learned to do better for me, my family and my ultimate goals. You should too. Think about how knowing better, but doing otherwise can affect your job search goals.